About Us

When it comes to traffic collisions and accidents, a dash cam can make all the difference. These handy pieces of kit can help you to prove that you're not at fault in an accident, and avoid being hit with an expensive insurance premium hike along with other damages. This is where a top-rated dash cam comes in, and Wide Bay Dash Camera has a premium inventory of some of the most exclusive dash cams available.

We have built a reputation for being an Australian owned and operated company that is the proud distributor of several sizes and styles of dash cams. These products are perfect for both private use and for use on bulk haulage vehicles. Additionally, since we're Australian owned and operated, our customers know that all of our top rated dash cams come built for Australian weather conditions, and go through a rigorous testing phase to ensure their quality.

Wide Bay Dash Camera provides dash cams all over Australia, and we can boost hundreds of satisfied customers who are overjoyed by the products we provide. Each product we provide is ideal for use in private cars or motorbikes, or on commercial fleets to keep your staff safe and your profit margins secure. Each of our dash cams attach quickly and easily to the interior windscreen of your vehicle, and we now offer dash cams that attach to your rear-view mirror for a sleek and streamlined look.

We're also continually expanding our stock of quality dash cams to include the newest models, styles and sizes. This means our customers buy with confidence each time they use Wide Bay Dash Camera for all of their dash cam needs. We offer single lens dash cams, multiple-lens dash cams, rear-view mirror dash cams and much more.

All of our dash cams come equipped with a broad range of the latest cutting-edge technology including a micro SD card storage for continual recording capabilities, loop playback, DVR unit or built-in DVR, multiple playback options, file protection and much more. You can also get dash cams with a built-in GPS processor that records the vehicle's exact speed and position, and the footage comes complete with a date and time stamp for additional insight. This makes them perfect for the monitoring and analysis in the transportation industry, or for defending against fraudulent insurance claims.

Why Choose Wide Bay Dash Camera

Along with our high-quality dash cams, there are several other reasons why so many of our customers return to our shop again and again for all of their dash cam needs. These reasons include;

  • Australian climate tested- We understand the challenges that the Australian climate can bring, and this is why we rigorously test each of our products for specific driving conditions. This includes conditions like flash rainstorms out in the countryside, and the extreme heat of an Australian summer.

  • 100% genuine products- You'll never have to worry about getting a refurbished, rebranded or fake dash cam when you deal with Wide Bay Dash Cameras. We dedicate ourselves to only dealing with the highest quality dash cams available, and this includes selling 100% genuine products.

  • Guaranteed products and services - We're so sure that you'll love or top rated dash cams that we back all of our products with a guarantee. Each dash cam comes with a 100% satisfaction, 30-day money back guarantee. This means if you don't like our products for any reason, we'll let you return it no questions asked.

  • A reliable warranty -All of our dash cams come with a full one-year warranty. If it breaks, stops working or if you start having issues with it, we'll exchange it. Our warranty gives you the confidence you need to shop all of our dash cams.

At Wide Bay Dash Camera, our unmatched industry knowledge combined with our drive to stock and sell only the highest quality dash cams available has pushed us to be an undisputed leader in the dash cam market, nationwide. We invite you to look around and see for yourself all of the quality products and equipment we have to offer.