5 Quick Tips To Help You Maintain Your Dash Cam For Optimal Use

Once you’ve installed a dashboard camera for your car, the battle is half won. Gone are the days of phony third-party insurance claims, hijacking attempts and random encounters with nature. However, this first step isn’t where it ends. There are a few things you should do to keep your dash cam well maintained and operating well. You don’t need to turn into an electrician or IT guru to make it work – do these few simple things consistently, and you’ll be good to go.

  1. First Things First: A Clean Screen For The Win

Your dash cam is supposed to be able to capture images clearly through the windshield. This can’t be achieved if there are scuff marks, cracks or debris on the screen. If you don’t want your dash cam’s image quality to suffer, clean your windscreen daily to get the best results.

  1. Manage Footage Recording Length To Ensure Quicker File Transfer

If you’d prefer not to spend hours dumping footage from your dash cam’s memory card after every drive, set it so that footage is saved in shorter intervals. It could be any amount of time from 2 minutes at a time to 30-minute intervals – whatever works for you is right.

  1. Purchase The Correct Type & Class Of Micro SD Card

Onboard memory is usually not enough to keep up with the amount of footage that needs storage, so make sure that you buy the right memory card for this purpose. Take into account the brand, size and speed of the unit before you put down any money. It’ll work in your favour to find the right match first.

  1. Clear Potential Obstructions From Your Dashboard

Sure, your bobblehead from the ‘90s is charming, but it’s time to step into the future. Anything that doesn’t need to be on the dashboard must be removed. This minimises potential obstructions, so you’ll get the best possible footage in the end.

  1. Start The Memory On A Clean Slate With By Formatting Here & There

An overloaded memory card can affect the image quality and speed of the dash cam. Format your memory card every other week, or once a month at least, to ensure that the camera operates at its peak.

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